Privatizing alarm response... the new status quo?

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Commercial Security Systems

Every day, a new small business will start up on nearly any corner, or any leased retail space inside malls. Each new business owner wishes to protect their new investments from losses such as theft from not only their potential customers, but also their employees. Having a Security System with cameras and burglary alarms installed is one of the first thing a new business owner should invest in.

You will find some benefits you can get from using a Commercial Security System in your new small business listed below.

An installed and properly functioning security camera may be a large deterrent against theft by employees. Strategic placement of security cameras within the business can easily catch employees misbehaving or stealing. Moreover, a camera setup may actually increase the productivity of employees and benefit customer service. An employee who feels like he is constantly being monitored is most likely to improve their performance. The employees will feel the business owner is constantly monitoring and reviewing security videos as long as the security system is being used pro-actively.

Having a professional security camera system installed within the business may deter shoplifting as well. Setting up what's called a Spot Monitor, which shows customers entering your business that they are being watched, will greatly decrease the amount of shoplifting that may go on. Once a customer enters your business and notice themselves on a Spot Monitor, they will be unlikely to attempt shoplifting. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to set up a Spot Monitor near the entrance and in a highly visible place. Placing window decals or stickers in the business reminding customers they're being watched may also help.

Obviously, another reason to have a commercial security system installed in your business would be to prevent unauthorized people from entering your space. Your assets are important and worth money so burglars wouldn't mind stealing them if they can get away with it. Depending on your type of business, some burglars may be interested in taking the money from your cash register while other burglars may want to take your inventory. On rare occasion, some people may simply break and enter into your business because it gives them a thrill. In large cities like Toronto, getting one of the best Toronto commercial alarm systems you can get will protect you from these kinds of activities.

Getting a security system installed by a licensed company may cause your insurance premium rates to drop. Insurance companies usually require some kind of security installed within the business location. A business owner may be given large discounts on their monthly insurance payments by having a good security system installed properly.

Many people will make a false claim against a business, such as 'accidentally' being injured in some way, or vehicular damage in the parking lot when it was actually caused by the vehicle owner. Both customers and employees may attempt to make these kinds of claims. Having a CCTV security camera system installed and visible may decrease the risk of anyone making false claims. Using the cameras for evidence correctly will be able to verify any claim used against the business.

Using a small business security system will generally improve the business operations, the efficiency, and ultimately the profitability of the business. And overall, it should give the business owner less reason to stress out and more peace of mind.

A step in our direction could mean the difference between the security and well being of your family and business today and a possible avoidable tragedy tomorrow.

Home Security Systems

5 Things Home Security Systems Can Do For You

1. Why You Need To Install A Home Security System
There are lots of ways to improve the security of your home. Good locks on windows and doors will make it harder for anyone to enter your house illegally. Installing automatic lighting outside will help keep criminals away as well as make it more difficult for people, or animals, to hide. But having a home security system installed is one of the best ways to use modern technology in order to improve your safety. A Home Security System monitors the most important places of your home, making sure to detect the slightest sign of intrusion or other problems you may not notice otherwise.

2. Safety
The main reason it's best to have a Home Security System is because it will create a safer environment for you as well as your family. If someone tries to break into your home, the system will immediately alert you. The security system also keeps an eye on your home while you are away, for hours or even weeks. Using residential security systems in Toronto for example will alert you if someone tries to break into your home while you are sleeping. Because the alarm goes off the instant something triggers it, you and your family will have enough time to find a safe spot in your home and to alert the authorities. Having extra safety increases a family's peace of mind, making them feel more relaxed at home, or when they are away.

3. Deterrents
Home Security Systems are one of the greatest ways to deter people from illegally entering your home. Burglars are are most likely to ignore your home the moment they see window decals or lawn signs advertising your system, because they know a security system will cause them problems. It's easier for a burglar to locate another home that does not have a security system installed. Installing cameras outside will also deter people looking to vandalize your property. One of the greatest ways to keep your house and family safe is to deter criminals.

4. Detecting Environmental Problems
Most modern security systems also monitor the environmental conditions inside the house. Conditions such as smoke, carbon monoxide, fire or moisture changes can trigger the alarm or send a message if detected. This kind of detection will assist in preventing enormous damage to the house whether you are home or not. Some systems allow you to have it send messages to your mobile devices if it detects a problem. Having this option gives the homeowner the opportunity to react to any issue right away no matter where they are. Other systems may simply alert the local police or fire departments.

5. Evidence
We know now how a Home Security System will deter a major amount of criminal activity, such as burglary and vandalism. A security system with cameras adds the ability not only to monitor your home, but to also provide evidence to authorities if necessary. This can send a would-be burglar running after attempting to break in, catch a vandal in the act of ruining your property, or help show how a fire started, for example. Sometimes a burglar may lurk outside the home for a long period of time before making an attempt to break into the home. With security cameras, this activity will be captured. All evidence captured will greatly assist authorities in capturing criminals and prosecuting them.