Welcome To Danel Security Systems

Today, in Canada and in the world, we live surrounded by violence and crime. The costs are overwhelming. From the human suffering caused by violations against human beings to the financial losses caused by vandals and professional criminals who spend their full energy and time planning their next assault against the security of your business and home.

According to a 1993 report from the Standing Committee on Justice and the Solicitor General, the indirect but readily identifiable costs of crime in Canada was estimated at $6.7 billion annually (Canada, House of Commons, 1993). The costs of human pain and suffering and the social costs to communities are unquantifiable.

I have been involved in security issues for most of my adult life. First, as a soldier in the military and later as the founder and owner of DAN-EL Security Systems – a company with over 15 years of experience in the prevention of crime in communities and neighbourhoods like yours.

An effective battle against crime requires a shift in thinking. It requires an aggressive attitude towards those who would transgress upon the security rights of individuals to systemic measures to protect house, business and home.

I invite you to explore the tools and techniques, we, at DAN-EL Security Systems employ in order to prevent and fight crime in your neighbourhood. In the pages and links that follow, you will find the most advanced information on the means and measures that we use in order to find security and peace of mind for your family, community and commercial enterprise.

A step in our direction could mean the difference between the security and well being of your family and business today and a possible avoidable tragedy tomorrow.